Industries Served

Military OpticsHaving over 30 years experience in the industry, we intimately understand our role in the coating process. Paramount to doing the job right is understanding our customers' needs right from the start. We also understand the importance of keeping up with the latest processes and feel it is our responsibility to do so.

C.K. Coatings provides thin film coatings on precision glass, metal and polymer lenses for a variety of industries. The diversified markets that we supply coatings for makes us a successful business. Here are just a few examples of the markets we provide coatings for.


C.K. provides thin-film coatings for a variety of parts used by customers in the consumer product markets. From the latest high-tech video game accessories to simple covers or mirrors, our coatings can withstand the rigorous every day use of these applications.


When critical wavelengths and precision coatings are required, you need a process that is going to be accurate and repeatable time and time again. With our controlled coating chambers, we can meet the required specifications with reliability. We have been involved in the coating of components and assemblies for the medical industries with custom molded lenses, as well as glass lenses, that are used in hospitals and the medical industry every day.


Whether we're providing optical thin film coatings for military vehicles or other military applications, you can rely on C.K. to provide the most durable coatings in the industry. Our coating process meets/exceeds the military specifications required. C.K. Coatings is ITAR certified.


Various applications for commercial and residential markets require thin-film coatings on optics. Coating lenses for projection assemblies as well as imaging components are just a few examples of the many applications we provide coatings for.