Types of coatings

Anti-Reflective Reflective/Dielectric Test Equipment
Multi-layer broadband coatings Silver Coatings Perkin Elmer Lambda 35, UV/VIS
V-coat Standard Aluminum Perkin Elmer Lambda 330, UV/VIS/IR
Double V-coat First Surface Mirror  
Single layer MgF2 Second Surface Mirror  


C.K's coatings are qualified to the following Military Specifications: Mil-C-48497A, Mil-M-13508C, Mil-PRF-13830B, Mil-C-675C,ASTM D3359 & ASTM B1117.

Substrate Materials:

Did you know that the exact same coating applied on different material substrates has a different result? This is because each material has different optical characteristics or its' own index of refraction. Each coating run must be tailored to meet the specific need of each material.

C.K. Coatings provides coating for the following materials:

Polymers Glass Metals
Acrylic – PMMA UV Fused Quartz Polished Aluminum
Zeonex BK-7 Diamond Turned Metals
Polycarbonate B270 Stainless Steel Metals
Polystyrene Pyrex  
Ultem Zerodur  
Zeonor SF13  


Why use thin-film coatings?

Thin-film coatings can be anti-reflective or reflective. Anti-reflective coatings act to reduce the light or glare. The typical loss of light is 4% per surface on an uncoated glass substrate at normal angle of incidence. Using an A/R coating can reduce the reflectivity to < .5% in the visible.

Reflective coatings act as a mirror and allows light to reflect off of substrates.

C.K. has the capability coat substrates as small as 2mm up to 14" inches. Our highly skilled technicians have several years of training to handle your optics with the utmost care.

Types of Coatings: (click on each coating and a graph will pop up with info including mil-specs)
The following graphs contain information for just some of the coatings we offer.


Reflective Coatings

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Materials and coatings stated above are just samples of our capabilities. If you do not see a material or coating listed, please contact us.